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2018-02-16 11:47:17
Restful & Romantic Bedrooms
Romantic & Restful Bedrooms!
What's in your bedroom? Laundry baskets with clothes that seem to multiply on their own? Cell phones, computers, and a TV reminding you of the current bad news? A bedroom can easily become the office, craft room, and a constant reminder of what needs to be done.
Research has proven that physical surroundings can impact emotional health. February is a great month to consider making your bedroom a sanctuary of rest and romance.
Here are a few ideas to help you.
#1 - De-clutter. Scientists have found a link between a homeowner's health and the amount of household objects, according to Life at Home in the Twenty First Century. In homes that were cluttered and messy, people have higher levels of cortisol and a higher rate of a depressed mood. Remove all items in your bedroom that do not foster a sense of beauty, peacefulness, and rest.
#2 - Remove all electronics. Couples have shared that t.v. and cell phone usage interferes with intimacy. Instead of playing Candy Crush, focus more time on your real crush! In addition, scientists have found that the blue light from cell phones affects the -wake cycle. According to Psychologist World, 'Avoiding the use of gadgets close to bedtime has been proposed as a way of reducing our exposure to blue light, with some suggesting a period of up to 3 hours’ gadget-free time before  in order to allow melatonin to take its effect on the cycle naturally.'
#3 - Don't do chores in your bedroom. No ironing. No folding clothes. No bills. No work. Make your bedroom a place to rest, not a reminder of all the work you have to do.
#4 - Add items that appeal to all your senses: sight, smell, sound, and touch. Paint the walls a color that makes you feel restful. Splurge on bedding and pillows that please the eye and feel soft and comforting. Use lights with dimmers, try an essential oil diffuser with lavender or burn your favorite candles, buy fresh flowers, and listen to instrumental or nature sounds to help you relax.
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